Clydesdale WomanKind have a mountain of bras!!

Bags of bras but more are wanted
Bags of bras but more are wanted

There has been massive support for WomanKIND Clydesdale’s Bra Challenge, with women donating their old or unwanted bras in a liberating fashion.

Joanne Grant, lead support for the project, said: “In less than a month our Bra Bin in the Gillespie Centre, Biggar, has been emptied several times over. We are completely bowled over by the response. Keep them coming ladies!”

Two large bin bags are for ‘Smalls for All’, a Scottish charity who send them to Africa where possession of a bra can protect vulnerable women from sexual violence, and four for Against Breast Cancer who pay breast cancer research per kg.

Anyone wanting a bra bin for her home town can email