Clydesdale MSP fears local businesses could suffer as a results of postal charge hikes


MSP Aileen Campbell has warned that small businesses in Clydesdale could be hit by proposed post pricing changes.

The regulator, Ofcom, has confirmed in a letter to her Westminster colleague Mike Weir MP that post office proposals could mean that the universal service obligation (USO) will be limited to second class services only, with Royal Mail able to set its own prices for first class.

Aileen, who contacted Ofcom during the consultation period, said: “If these proposals are introduced, then it’s potentially bad news for small businesses.

“In my travels around Clydesdale I have been hugely impressed by the energy and ambition of our business people. These are the very operations that we need to support and encourage – not undermine. These are the businesses that will provide the bedrock for growth in the economy. “

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