Clydesdale knitters take part in peace scarf project

In the pink...Clydesdale knitter Jean Oliver
In the pink...Clydesdale knitter Jean Oliver

CLYDESDALE knitters have been picking up their needles for peace as part of the Wool Against Weapons Peace Scarf project.

The project will use a seven-mile long pink scarf to link the Aldermaston and Burghfield nuclear weapons manufacturing sites in Berkshire on August 9, with a “Scottish Mile” down the Royal Mile on June 28.

Biggar knitter Janet Moxley said: “The UK Government will decide whether to renew the Trident contract in 2016.

“The knitters and crocheters taking part in this project don’t want to see £80 billion spent on more weapons of mass destruction.

“Using “yarn bombs” as a fun way of protesting against nuclear bombs has really captured people’s imagination.”