Clydesdale has only 11 public loos...and three of them are libraries

Closed public toilets'Ayr Road'Douglas '22/4/13
Closed public toilets'Ayr Road'Douglas '22/4/13

Officially there are only 11 sets of public loos in the 500+ square mile area covered by Clydesdale.

And three of those are actually libraries, while others are also council buildings with restricted opening times,

The list is revealed in a new leaflet, a guide to Toilet Provision in Clydesdale, which advises those setting out from home to check beforehand whether they can use supermarket loos.

Lanark Councillor Ed Archer, who is distrubuting the leaflets through organisations and charities, told the Gazette that vandals were the root cause of the toilet issue.

“In the old days we had far more toilets and people treated them better,” he said. “Vandalism is becoming more prevalent, and drug abuse in them, so authorities have shied away from them. Our social standards are slipping.

“We are not going to rush out and build more public toilets if they are going to be vandalised.”

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