Clydesdale Food Bank referrals double in 12 months

Working hard...Clydesdale Food Bank volunteers
Working hard...Clydesdale Food Bank volunteers

THERE are over 400 food banks operating across the country with the Clydesdale Food Bank seeing its referrals double in the past 12 months.

Local Food Bank co-ordinator Liz Paton also revealed to the Gazette that in the last year the Food Bank has handed out £25,000 worth of food to the needy.

And in the wake of a recently published Feeding Britain report by the House of Commons all-party parliamentary group, Liz hopes that by this time next year she and the other Food Bank volunteers will be made ‘redundant’.

She said: “It’s very sad that so many food banks are now operating. There is something very wrong with the benefit system.

“We had 240 referrals last year - now that number has increased to more than 500!”

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