Clydesdale Food Bank is launched

Food bank'Carluke'4/3/13
Food bank'Carluke'4/3/13

FOR the first time since the Depression of the ‘Hungry Thirties’, a food bank is to be opened to feed Clydesdale’s poor.

The need for it in the year 2013 has been described by one local clergyman as “a national scandal”.

The food bank, to serve the whole Clydesdale area, is being launched by the Carluke Churches of Scotland, namely, St John’s, Kirkton and St Andrew’s .

Explained Liz Barthram, an elder of St John’s: “About a year ago we started to pick up reports that local people were running out of money and had no food.

“They don’t even need to be out of a job - people on low wages can be confronted with an unexpected bill, and then have to decide are they going to pay this bill, or put food on the table?”

And she added: “It is sad, really sad. We seem to be going backwards.

“But that is the position we are in and we have to deal with it.”

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