Clydesdale Community Initiatives helps mental health patients into work

In it together...the project involving CCI
In it together...the project involving CCI

MEMBERS of Clydesdale Community Initiatives (CCI) have helped create unique garden project aimed at helping patients who have complex mental health issues, into the world of work.

The project involving patients in the Glencairn rehabilitation unit, which helps treat those with issues such as schizophrenia, bipolar and/or anxiety disorder, is credited with delivering vocational training as well as bringing stability, structure and routine to their lives allowing them to work – many for the first time.

The initiative, involving NHS Lanarkshire’s forensic service and CCI, saw the patients help build a garden in the Glencairn unit in Coathill Hospital.

Andy Logan (29) has battled with an alcohol addiction most of his adult life but he said that his involvement in the project has helped him stay off the booze for a full year and he now hopes to go to college.

Andy said: “Andy said: “In the past I’ve managed to stay off alcohol for weeks or months, but since my involvement with the garden I’ve managed a whole year – the longest I’ve ever gone.

“I’ve also learned practical skills from building things like planters, which has given me confidence.

“These, along with the coping mechanisms which the team in the unit has taught me, mean I’m hopeful that I can continue to take positive steps in my life.”