Clydesdale burial charges soar

Springbank Cemetery junction A70'Ravenstuther'19/9/12
Springbank Cemetery junction A70'Ravenstuther'19/9/12

A CLYDESDALE undertaker has lashed out at the local cost of dying, claiming that rocketing council burial charges are not only threatening his business but causing enormous hardship to bereaved families.

Veteran funeral director Ian Brown might now be in his eighties but he has mounted a vigorous challenge to South Lanarkshire Council to justify hiking its charges for burials and lairs in public cemeteries by 220 per cent in four years - with more rises planned.

In the past, the council has defended itself by claiming that it is just bringing its charges into line with other local authorities.

Not true, claims Ian, whose business is based in Carstairs.

He has produced figures showing that it is now 46 per cent dearer to bury someone in South Lanarkshire than in neighbouring North Lanarkshire.

For more details, see the Carluke and Lanark Gazette.