Choral Union set for Sunday’s Christmas concert

Choral Union...ready to sing
Choral Union...ready to sing
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ALTHOUGH it nowadays has the status of something of a local ‘in-joke’, there once was a traditional- but mostly friendly - rivalry between Clydesdale’s two main towns, Lanark and Carluke.

However, one institution has quite literally and musically promoted harmony for many of these years, the Lanark and Carluke Choral Union.

And it is this time of year when, appropriately, that group of singers and musicians step centre-stage to promote togetherness at their annual Christmas Concert.

It’s not only between towns that the Choral Union builds bridges but between old religious divides too, this year’s venue for the concert being Lanark’s St Mary’s Church although the Union contains folk from all denominations and none.

This year’s concert, taking place on Sunday, December 15 at 7.30pm, comes under the title A Child Expected, A Child is Born and the programme ranges from the seriously classical Bach Cantata To Us A Child Is Born to the popular carols you’d hear the kiddies singing outside your door in the lead up to Christmas.

As ever, these concerts serve to remind us what a huge wealth of musical talent Clydesdale can draw on when needed; soloists include Mike Chad, Bill Hutton, Colin McAlister, Anne Dawson, Anne White, Laurie Baxter and Dorothy Low.

There will, however, be ‘imported’ talent for the evening, including the guest organist, Glasgow musician Alan Kitchen.

The Union’s own string ensemble will be led by Angus Ramsay of Scottish Opera.

There will three totally new compositions premiered that night.

All this comes for a ticket price of only £10, with tickets being reserved for the door by phoning Shena Fox on 07756 144617.