Charities at war over Loaningdale Centre

Storm Loaningdale
Storm Loaningdale

A PAIR of Clydesdale charities were at war this week, putting at risk a multi-million pound plan to create a major new outdoor centre for youngsters in the Upperward countryside.

On one side of the dispute is the Hometown Foundation which, as previously reported, wants to open an Outdoor Education Centre in the former Loaningale School on the outskirts of Biggar.

On the other side is the school’s former owners, the Loaningdale School Company, now run as a charitable trust which retains ownership of much of the surrounding grounds.

Now the Foundation is accusing it of sabotaging its plans for an outdoor centre by depriving it use of that essential land, leaving it with “an outdoor centre with no outdoors”.

It claims that the Biggar area will lose out on new jobs this centre would create.

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