Castle collapse due to supernatural causes?

Birkwood House, Lesmahagow...before the collapse (Picture by Andrew Wilson)
Birkwood House, Lesmahagow...before the collapse (Picture by Andrew Wilson)

FOLLOWING the sudden collapse of part of Birkwood Castle near Lesmahagow a fortnight ago, the future of the £7m plan to turn it into a luxury hotel was still unclear this week.

Now an unusual theory has now been put forward as to how the dramatic structural failure came about in the first place, the speculation being that the incident had more to so with the spirit world than with civil engineering!

As published in the Gazette, the Victorian building, abandoned for over a decade since it closed as a hospital, was the subject of plans for a conversion to a hotel along with housing planned for the extensive grounds.

Fearing that the incident might put at risk the £7m of investment this would bring to the area, both Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell and her Westminster counterpart for the Lesmahagow area, Lisa Cameron MP, visited the site while calling for work to be carried out to secure the remainder of the building to prevent further collapses.

Both are asking the site developers Envestco to confirm that the conversion project will go ahead, despite the setback.

The Gazette has also asked for a statement on the building’s future - if any - from the developer, so far without response.

Now the original cause of the collapse has been speculated on by Tom Robertson, the local man known as Scotland’s only professional ghosthunter.

He told the Gazette this week: “You never know, it might have been the ghosts reputedly haunting the building taking a hand in matters to prevent the work going ahead or being angry at being disturbed.”

Persistent reports of unexplained phenomena in the building led to it being dubbed one of the most haunted in Scotland.

‘Incidents’ include strange smells, lights turning themselves off and the sound of mysterious footsteps tramping up and down the empty corridors.