Carnwath’s John Arthur unhappy over state of A70

Very unhappy...John Arthur
Very unhappy...John Arthur

THE apparent failure of BT workmen to repair sections of road fully on and around Carnwath’s A70 has incurred the wrath of local resident John Arthur, of Greenaton Bungalow.

The road was dug up by BT putting in cabling.

John (80), who has lived in Carnwath for 35 years, is fuming that parts of a 300m stretch of the road have been left in what he rates to be “an appalling state”.

“There are two bits of road with holes four inches deep on stretches about 18 inches across,” John said.

Our photos show one of the sections, with a visible gap between the replaced section and the road surface.

“I got a fair shock the first time I drove over them.

“One of the holes is near the BHC steelworks and one is near the roundabout which leads onto the A70.”