Carluke Team Foobs sisters run for Cancer Research

Team Foobs Amanda Stewart and sister Catherine Keeney taking on Cancer Research Race for Life
Team Foobs Amanda Stewart and sister Catherine Keeney taking on Cancer Research Race for Life

Two sisters who have undergone double mastectomies to remove the high risk they faced of breast cancer are taking part in the Race for Life to raise money for research.

With a 97 per cent risk of developing breast cancer, Amanda Stewart from Carluke once described her breasts as “ticking time bombs”.

And in August last year the young mum underwent surgery to have them removed.

Now she is leading a full, active life with the threat of cancer much lower than that faced by any woman.

“I have participated in three Race for Life runs in the past, and this will be my fourth,” she said.

“This year I will be taking part with my sister Catherine Keeney as part of Team Foobs.

“We are named so as we have both been through double mastectomies with reconstruction for prevention of our 97% hereditary risk of breast cancer.

“And since we had eight known cases of breast cancer in the family - including one male - we want to help fund research into genetic mutations.

“We support Cancer Research’s Race for life as we are hoping to help fund research into our family history to continue to make progression in finding new genes.

“If it wasn’t for research we wouldn’t know about genes such as BRCA 1 & 2.”

The gene which runs in their family is similar to those, and they hope that research will identify it too.

Amanda (33) is one of five cousins whose parents have all been affected, with two of the women dying from the disease and two others being treated.

She saw the others fighting the “macabre menace” of cancer then Amanda, mum to Callan, and Erryn, made the informed choice to go for surgery.

Amanda, who works part time in a nursery, had a double mastectomy last summer, with reconstructive surgery, and was back wearing a bikini this year.

Her sister Catherine (30) had her surgery shortly afterwards.

“We could not have carried on with the odds so stacked against us,” said Amanda.

“It was a no-brainer. Looking back, I don’t regret anything.”

Now both sisters are Team Foobs - for those with “fake, fantastic, fabulous and free boobs” in the Race for Life in Glasgow on May 22.

Donations to the sisters’ charity run can be made to team foobs on the Just Giving website or by text - text foob83 with the amount being given to 70070.