Carluke students are heading out to Malawi

Carluke kids visit Malawi 0 Nawita
Carluke kids visit Malawi 0 Nawita

Former MSP Karen Gillon first visited Malawi when she represented Clydesdale in the Scottish Parliament – and she has been back often since.

Now she is returning with four young Carluke students who will be helping make life a bit better for people in one of the poorest countries in the world.

The students will be working at a day care centre in Blantyre, and then helping build a nursery and feeding station in Mangochi.

“It will be a life-changing experience for them, I’m sure,” said Karen.

She first worked with the young folk when they were at Carluke High School.

Carolyn Watson, now 21, is studing geography at Glasgow University.

Fraser Russell (22) is about to graduate in geography from Glasgow.

Fraser Dickson (22) is about to graduate from Strathclyde University as a primary teacher.And David Smith (22) is studying computer science.

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