Carluke’s Nancy shares birthday week with the Queen

Nancy Black in Carluke celebrated her 90th birthday this week (Picture Sarah Peters).
Nancy Black in Carluke celebrated her 90th birthday this week (Picture Sarah Peters).

A Carluke woman celebrating her 90th birthday in the same week as the Queen has been offered the chance to appear on TV to talk about her memories of the monarch.

But she turned it down feeling a trip to London would be too much for her.

Nancy Black was put forward for the chance to share her memories of the Queen on television, after the Gazette carried a letter from the BBC looking for people turning 90 at the same time.

Nancy, who was 90 on Monday, was selected out of nominations from across Britain. But although she is still fit and keeping busy - the Gazette photograph had to be taken early on Friday, before she started to make soup for St John’s Soup and Sweet Lunch – she felt the trip to London would be just a bit too much.

Nancy, now a widow, worked in a grocer’s shop for five years, and then for Easton the baker in Carluke for 23 years before it closed, then had a further 23 years as a home help before retiring at the age of 65.

Her memory of seeing the Queen, visiting this area on a tour shortly after the Coronation, is still very vivid.

Nancy was working for Easton’s and asked for time off to stand in Kirkton Street and watch the Queen and Prince Philip go by, on their way from Lanark to Hamilton and then Glasgow.

“She was just beautiful,” said Nancy. “She was in navy blue and pink. We got a great view of them, which was good. I have still got that in my memory.”

Nancy has been enjoying her own celebrations this week, including a trip to Gleneagles for high tea.

She is still very active, and enjoys the events at Carluke Day Centre and the St John’s Care Club.

“I am just glad I am able to,” she said. “My health is pretty good.”

And Rosemary McMillan, who nominated Nancy, told the Gazette: ”She is a hard worker for the church and has been a wonderful home help and friend. She has never lost her cheery disposition.”