Carluke’s Colleen steps out for food appeal

Lanark charity worker Colleen Callan.
Lanark charity worker Colleen Callan.

A young Carluke woman who has more than enough of her own worries to cope with is, nevertheless, throwing herself into a campaign to help total strangers living thousands of miles away.

Colleen Callan suffers from cerebral palsy but has defied the disability, despite it having left her with very limited mobility, to take part in a sponsored walk.

With the help of a rollator walking aid that is now her constant companion and moral support from relatives and pals, the 31-year-old made it round a course in Carluke’s Moor Park in aid of the East African Food Crisis Appeal,

The reason why she chose that particular cause to back is down to the job she loved but had to give up due to her condition, working for 12 years at the Lanark Oxfam Shop, in Bannatyne Street, that charity being the organiser of the African appeal.

Her brave effort around Moor Park raised £265, cash that will go towards putting food into the mouths of starving people.

Colleen was eager to thank those who supported her on her trek, both by sponsoring her and in a more direct way.

At the top of her thank-you list is her nephew Rhys Lawson, 11, who insisted on keeping his aunt’s spirits up throughout the walk.

A friend of Colleen’s, who asked to remain nameless, told the Gazette: “She wanted to do the sponsored walk to help make a difference by providing meals for starving people in East Africa, and it was her way of saying a final farewell to Oxfam Lanark.”

East Africa is currently facing the impact of drought, famine and civil war.