Carluke rat-run is ’tragedy waiting to happen’

Belstane Road accidents - two in one weekend on narrow country road between Carluke and Morningside'submitted pictures 'July 18 2016
Belstane Road accidents - two in one weekend on narrow country road between Carluke and Morningside'submitted pictures 'July 18 2016

Drivers are said to be treating a Carluke road as a racetrack after an accident at the weekend left a car turned over onto its side.

Lorraine Gillen took to Facebook, to the Gazette’s site, in the hope of raising awareness of a problem which could prove fatal – and within hours another car was lying on its side on the narrow Carluke to Morningside Road.

Lorraine, who lives in Belstane Road, where she also keeps horses, posted on Saturday: “Please help us raise awareness as last night another car landed upside down on its roof at our entrance to Hyndshaw stables.

“The Morningside to Carluke Belstane road is turning into a racetrack.

“There are many locals who walk the road, and we use it on horseback.

“It is a tragedy waiting to happen as it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.”

The weekend’s first accident was on Friday evening, and police said later that a man was due in court in relation to that.

The second was on Sunday night, and Lorraine was told that a second vehicle was involved in that accident, but sped off leaving the driver of the car on its side shocked.

“It is unbelieveable,” she said on Monday.

“This is an accident waiting to happen.”

The road is narrow, with no pavement, and has an S-bend near the old Hyndshaw Farm, and young racers were speeding along it, some at over 60mph.

“They actually take off,” she said.

“I have seen it with my own eyes on a dozen occasions.

“The cars are completely up in the air.”

The road was used by farmers with slow-moving combines and tractors.

It was also used by cyclists and horse-riders, and Lorraine added: “On two occasions, the horses have been hit. You really do take your life in your hands there.”

Working in the field at the side, she frequently hears the squeal of brakes, and once a driver came through her two fences to land in her field.

Lorraine stressed that it was a country road, but said it was being used as a rat run to avoid Carluke town centre by some drivers.

“It is a racetrack,” she said, “It is a miracle no one has been seriously injured.”

And she added that she would like to see speed cameras before a memorial plaque is needed.

The original Facebook post was shared more than 90 times, with many who knew the road adding their comments to it.

Lindsay McBride suggested Lorraine should get a petition going.

“That wee corner is lethal,” she said.

Ashley Commor commented: “I think it’s time something was done about it.

“Every time I’m on that road, there has been a near miss while driving, and I’ve also been hit twice on my horse.

And Maggie Duncan warned: “There’s going to be a fatality if something isn’t done soon.”

And others highlighted similar misuse of the country road near Yieldshields.

A police spokesman told the Gazette on Monday: “Belstane Road is a well known and used Carluke back road.

“Police Scotland receive numerous reports of dangerous and suspect vehicles, as well as obstructions and animals on the carriageway.

“Users should be vigilant.”