Carluke Pubwatch initiative is relaunched

In it together...publicans and police officers
In it together...publicans and police officers

CARLUKE pub-goers can raise their glasses to the relaunch of an initiative aimed at making the town’s major social haunts safe places to visit.

The Wee Thackit in High Street hosted a Carluke Pubwatch summit on Tuesday, chaired by owner Dougie Arnott and attended by the town’s other publicans and police, including Clydesdale Chief Inspector David Walker.

“People who drink too much alcohol in pubs can be a danger to themselves and others,” said David.

“They could slip on icy pavements outside or even walk into the road and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

“The ethos of Pubwatch is that we want the pubs in Carluke to be a safe environment for people to come into and socialise.”

David said that Carluke Pubwatch would feature self-regulation by participating pubs, with landlords liasing among themselves to ensure anyone barred from one pub in the town was effectively banned from them all.

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