Carluke has chosen its Gala Court for 2016

Carluke Gala Court 2016. (Picture by Sarah Peters)
Carluke Gala Court 2016. (Picture by Sarah Peters)

The youngsters who will form Carluke Gala Court in June next year have been chosen.

From Kirkton Primary courtiers are: Queen Eleri Conaghan, Champion Rory Spalding, Flower Girl Freya Callan, and Crown Bearer Gregor Mackie (not in photo).

From Crawfordyke: Maid Carrie Grant, and Maid Emma Wallace;

From St Athanasius: Maid – Rebecca Nightingale and Maid – Keira Reilly;

From Braidwood: Maid Breagh Murphy and Maid Emma Shearer;

From Carluke Primary: Maid Samantha Colquhoun and Maid Jessica McMillan;

From High Mill: Maid Christie Graham and Maid Hayley Hunstone;

From Law Primary: Maid Rachael Johnston and Maid Rachel Taylor.

Mrs Jeanette Cairns has been chosen to crown the Queen.