‘Carluke dog owners, hang your heads in shame!’

Dog poo bags, given out free by South Lanarkshire Council
Dog poo bags, given out free by South Lanarkshire Council

These are dog poo bags, given out free in Carluke, Lanark and elsewhere in Clydesdale.

And a Carluke reader is not the only person wondering why so many dog owners still do not use them.

The woman, a dog owner herself, contacted the Gazette through Facebook hoping to raise awareness of the problem.

“People of Carluke hang your head in shame,” she said.

“I have just spent the last half hour clearing up dog mess from the pavement outside my father’s home on Cairneymount road.

“Mounds of it covering at least a hundred yards and still loads more visible in the street.

“Lazy, filthy people who leave this for other folk.

“If you have a dog, clear up after it - no excuses acceptable.

“If you know of folk not clearing up after their dog - report them to the council or you are as bad as them.”

She points out that the dog poo bags are available free from the Lifestyle Centre in Carluke. South Lanarkshire Council also provides them free of charge at its Q&A offices in Carluke and Lanark, and elsewhere. They are generous bags with easy to tie handles! The big question is why so many dog owners still leave mess on the streets for others to walk through.

It is a problem still rife throughout Clydesdale.