Carluke commuter slams Stuarts Coaches

Under attack...Stuarts Coaches
Under attack...Stuarts Coaches

A CARLUKE commuter has slammed a local bus company following a string of alleged incidents on its service into the centre of Glasgow.

Insurance worker Derek Millar (41) regularly boards the Stuarts Coaches 240X service into Glasgow.

However, Derek is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the service provided.

Derek said: “I have been battling to obtain a refund for my train fare after the bus failed to pick up passengers on several occasions.

“I phoned Stuarts six times and wrote a letter of complaint.

“I turned up in person and eventually obtained a refund but it was not easy.

“The cost of 10 return journey ticket has risen from £21 to £27, although it has been as high as £30.

“I have boarded the bus from a stop on Goremire Road only to be told by a driver that the coach has picked me up in Braidwood and it will be £28 - despite the ‘Welcome to Braidwood’ sign being in his rear view mirror!”

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