Carluke BID launches loyalty card to keep shoppers in the town

Loyalty cards are stamped with symbols for the food or services being bought.
Loyalty cards are stamped with symbols for the food or services being bought.

A loyalty scheme has been launched for people who shop and use services in Carluke town centre’s business improvement district (BID) area.

The scheme gives customers using the new loyalty cards the chance to win a cash prize every month, and it is already proving so popular that another 5,000 cards have been ordered.

BID team chairman Brian Clark said: “The purpose of the BID is to encourage people to use the businesses, shops and services in their own town.

“The BID board is constantly looking at ideas for projects and events which help encourage local people to visit and support our BID levy payers.”

The loyalty scheme covers retail, services and food and drink. Shoppers get their loyalty cards stamped when they shop or use other services, and once the card is full with three stamps from each category, they give it to the BID office in Hamilton Street for entry into a monthly prize draw.

Carluke BID will guarantee a £100 cash prize minimum every month.

BID manager Jim McNally said: “It can be very difficult to find a loyalty scheme which is easy to administer and cost-effective for businesses.

“After looking at many expensive options, board member Christine Warren came up with the simplest scheme I have seen.

“We are rolling out the loyalty scheme over the next couple of weeks, but we’ve had a great response from the public who, I think, will really drive this.”

Carluke BID has 182 members in business, food and service sectors, and about 60 have already signed up for it. They range from shopkeepers to cafes, nail technicians to dentists.

“Loyalty cards are quite common to help encourage regeneration,” added Jim. “The whole idea is to encourage people to shop in Carluke.”

That includes giving business to everyone from electricians right to the charity baby bank.

“Anyone donating to a charity shop or buying from a charity shop will have their loyalty card stamped just as they would if they were buying a pizza,” said Jim.

And when the card is filled, the customer takes another.

The scheme is funded by Carluke BID businesses and organisations. For more details, visit, email or call 01555 772946.