Caravans in Crossford will be home to rats

Rat-avan Holm Road, Crossford
Rat-avan Holm Road, Crossford

DESPITE a planning application for new homes being withdrawn, the controversy in one Crossford street shows no signs of abating.

Holm Road residents were celebrating last week when a planning application by Neil Pringle to build new homes in their street was withdrawn.

However, their joy turned to dismay this week when a number of caravans labelled “rat cages” were sited there.

The Gazette spoke to Mr Pringle who confirmed that it was his intention to house rats in the caravans – with each van holding around 8,000 vermin.

However, Mr Pringle denied that there would be any risk to public safety.

He said: “These rats will be bred in the caravans. Animal welfare officers have been made aware and there is no need to hold any special licences.

“I estimate that I could get 34 caravans on the site.”

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