Call for update on A73 Tinto stretch accident probe

Public health minister Aileen Campbell.
Public health minister Aileen Campbell.

Calls are being made for an update on the investigation going on into the accident rate on one of Clydesdale’s most scenic stretches of road.

South Lanarkshire Council and Police Scotland are carrying out a study of accident data from incidents on the A73, the main Lanark-to-Biggar road, as it passes Tinto Hill.

Now Clydesdale’s MSP, Aileen Campbell, and newly-elected SNP councillor Ian McAllan are calling for a speedy move from collecting data to taking action to make the road safer, claiming that there have been further accidents since the study began in February.

Mrs Campbell commented: “The safety of road users is paramount, and more recent accidents on this stretch of the A73 have caused considerable concern for constituents.

“As I have said previously, I am keen to work with the relevant authorities to see what appropriate action can be taken.

“The council agreed in February to review all available accident data for this road, and I have asked that this review take into account the most recent accidents to have taken place on this road.

“Concerns raised to my office are being taken seriously at the highest level, and I look forward to hearing what action will be taken to improve safety on this road and to get an idea of timescales about when the analysis will be complete.”

Mr McAllan added: “Living in Biggar, I am acutely aware of the concerns people have surrounding safety on the A73 at Tinto.”