Call for more action at A73 Thankerton junction

Thankerton junction with A73, Lanark to Biggar Road by Tinto Cafe.  Picture Sarah Peters.
Thankerton junction with A73, Lanark to Biggar Road by Tinto Cafe. Picture Sarah Peters.

There has been a qualified welcome for new safety measures on a stretch of Clydesdale road listed among both its most scenic and its most dangerous routes.

A series of accidents on the A73 Lanark-to-Biggar road as it passes Tinto Hill prompted Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell to ask South Lanarkshire Council’s highways team to investigate why this long, straight stretch of main road has become an accident blackspot.

The council duly carried out a study and now says it will add extra ‘slow’ markings to the road as it approaches the junction near the Tinto Cafe, leading to and from Thankerton.

The MSP says the council has told her that there is insufficient evidence to justify significant upgrading of the junction .

However, it agreed that there would be a safety benefit from the extra markings.

That work is now being programmed by the council to take place in the near future.

Ms Campbell is now calling on the council not to rule out additional options that would further improve safety in light of continuing incidents and growing public and local concern.

She went on: “While this is indeed welcome news from the council that additional ‘slow’ markings are being added , significant concerns still remain.

“It is encouraging that the council is taking the safety of drivers on the A73 seriously.

“However, prevention is better than cure, and with accidents continuing to take place, I am asking the council to continue to explore and examine additional options to help prevent more tragedies from happening.

“Iam also asking the council to keep monitoring the stretch of road and any incidents taking place there in the future.

“ With the busy summer tourist season fast approaching, this stretch of road will attract more users .

“We need to ensure it is as safe as it can be, while also ensuring the appropriate messages about driving safely are listened to.”