Call for fair play on Lanark parks

Kildare play park, Lanark'8/7/11'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Kildare play park, Lanark'8/7/11'Picture by Lindsay Addison
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CHILDREN in Lanark’s council schemes are putting their lives in danger just trying to find an intact swing or chute to play on.

This allegation, along with another controversial one that Lanark Loch is getting more than its fair share of play equipment, has been made by tenants’ rights campaigner and voluntary community worker Scott Sinclair.

However, both his main charges have been strongly rejected.

His anger was provoked by two recent events, the first being the removal of almost all the surviving seats and chains from the swings at the small playparks near the Smyllum Water Tower and outside Lanark Primary, in Kildare Park.

The second event was official recognition a fortnight ago for the voluntary Lanark Playparks Action Group.

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