C-diff outbreak at Lanark’s Lockhart Hospital

Lockhart Hospital, Lanark'3/5/10'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Lockhart Hospital, Lanark'3/5/10'Picture by Lindsay Addison

It has been revealed that seven elderly and vulnerable patients at Lanark’s Lockhart Hospital have been stricken by the dreaded C-diff infection.

It has led to a total lockdown of the hospital to new patient admissions for at least the next fortnight and urgent steps have been taken by NHS Lanarkshire to ensure that the infection does not spread further.

At time of going to press, there were no reports of the infection having cropped up at our area’s other main hospital for especially frail patients, Roadmeetings on the outskirts of Carluke.

The outbreak could hardly have happened in a worse place, C-diff being a condition most healthy people have without even noticing it but which can badly affect those in an already precarious state of health.

These are the very kinds of patients that the Lockhart Hospital specialises in treating, taking admissions from throughout the Clydesdale area.

So far NHS Lanarkshire has not issued either individual nor collective condition reports on the stricken patients or details of the treatment they are undergoing.

All that has been said on that account is that the infection was caught at an early stage thanks to a watchful staff and a “robust” monitoring system.

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