Every little helps to get Lanark a million

Members of the Discover Lanark BID team with their latest ally, Tesco manager Richard McAllister (2nd left)
Members of the Discover Lanark BID team with their latest ally, Tesco manager Richard McAllister (2nd left)

Those campaigning to persuade Lanark businesses to vote to become a Business Improvement District next week now have a major supporter, the town’s Tesco store.

The BID campaign, being run by the town’s Discover Lanark group, claims that a “Yes” vote would free up around £1m. of investment for the town centre.

While mainly aimed at helping the small and medium businesses in the burgh, BID also has its supporters amongst the local branches of large chain stores, such as Tesco.

Richard McAllister, Lanark manager: “Tesco is passionate about supporting our local community here in Lanark and we are in full support of the Discover Lanark BID Business Plan.

“We believe that all
businesses large and small should have an ‘all hands to the pump’ approach, working together for the benefit of Lanark”.

The Lanark BID vote commences on January 12 when the ballot papers and copies of the BID Business Plan will be posted out to local businesses eligible to vote.

Businesses will have until February 28 to return their postal vote, indicating ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as their decision.

The total investment from levies collected from local businesses over the initial the 5-year BID period (2019 – 2014) is estimated at £1 million pounds.

Aspokesman for Discover Lanark BID, said: “This includes an extra boost for the town, with local business Border Biscuits investing an additional £200,000 during the course of the BID.

“Discover Lanark plan to use the levies paid plus grants and other external funding streams to fund the following project themes: Appearance and Access – Improving how Lanark is presented to locals and visitors; Business – Putting successful businesses at the heart of Lanark’s community; Community – Businesses and community working together for a better Lanark; Lanark and New Lanark – working together to capitalise on tourism.

Graeme McLeish, Discover Lanark chairman, said: “Supporting the Discover Lanark BID is a great opportunity for the town to work together and make the changes we all want.

“As a collective we will have the opportunity to access external assistance and funding not available to individual businesses.

“Size also gives us a much stronger voice to make our wishes known and take back some control of our town.

“ Discover Lanark is about more than retail, it’s about embracing all parts of the town’s economy.”