Carluke BID

Carluke- Hamilton road - business leaders - Martin Hannah
Carluke- Hamilton road - business leaders - Martin Hannah

The fate of Carluke’s controversial BIDS town centre improvement scheme should be known on Monday.

That is when a statement on the future - if any - of the scheme has

been promised from local businessman Martin Hannah (pictured) who stood down as

BIDS chairman last week.

His sudden resignation, along with that of manager Jim McNally, added

to the abrupt postponement of the BIDS (Business Improvement District)

AGM, has placed a question mark over the future of the initiative.

There was controversy earlier this year when it was learned that all

Carluke town centre premises - including charity chops and even

ex-shops now used only for storage - would have to make a financial

contribution to BIDS.

What do readers think about BIDS? Should it continue or will few mourn

its demise?