Braidwood designer Suzanne Hamilton favours paper couture

Graduate fashion designer Suzanne Hamilton (23)'Braidwood'28/8/12
Graduate fashion designer Suzanne Hamilton (23)'Braidwood'28/8/12

A TALENTED young designer, who lives in Braidwood, is causing a stir in the fashion industry after creating a range of paper garments from the pages of romance novels.

Using fairytales as her inspiration, 23-year-old Suzanne Hamilton’s creations include a floor-length gown complete with train, constructed using almost 6000 paper circles. 

During the pain-staking process, she sourced second-hand romance novels from local charity shops and then glued the pages together to create large 6x7 ‘paper sheets’, then laser cut the delicate designs.

She said: “I really wanted to show that clothing can be reused and given new life, rather than thrown out. 

“The fairytale dresses I’ve created show that something luxurious and romantic can be created using the most basic materials, materials which we throw away every day.”

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