Biggar woman Emma Dalrymple gets set for Sierra Leone

Emma Dalrymple from Biggar, Sierra Leone - Christian Aid
Emma Dalrymple from Biggar, Sierra Leone - Christian Aid

Christian Aid intern Emma Dalrymple, of Biggar, has been overseeing the vital work provided by an HIV clinic during a two-week stay in Sierra Leone, showing her first hand the charity’s projects helping people in the developing world.

Before travelling out for her adventure in the impoverished African country for an assignment running from October 6 to 20, Emma spoke to the Gazette.

“The Christian Aid clinic has helped keep HIV levels quite low in Sierra Leone,” she said.

“The disease is a huge problem in other African countries, but it only affects 1.5 per cent of the Sierra Leone population.

“I think that the great work done by Christian Aid has helped keep this figure so low. Part of our campaign is to promote safe sexual practises and encourage the use of contraception.

“The Sierra Leone government has adopted a similar campaign to ourselves, which is keeping people pro-active.”

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