Biggar’s Hillary Tawse runs for Cancer Research

Completed! Hillary Tawse with her medal for the London Marathon.
Completed! Hillary Tawse with her medal for the London Marathon.

Hillary Tawse was following in a family tradition when she ran the London Marathon last month – and, unfortunately, she had a strong family reason for taking part.

In 2010 her younger sister Jennifer, then 33, ran the marathon in thanks for her own successful treatment for cancer.

Jennifer had set herself a target of £3,000 for Cancer Research, but donations mounted up and she soared way past the £10,000 mark.

Jennifer was well enough to return to work, and to marry Brian Walker.

She was such an example to others that she was invited to carry the Olympic Torch when it came through Clydesdale, and she went into schools to talk to youngsters.

But sadly Jennifer received another diagnosis of cancer last year, a devastating diagnosis which led to major surgery, in a 16-hour operation.

Now Hillary, from Biggar, has stepped up to help research into the dreadful disease, running the marathon in honour of Jennifer.

“Jennifer is doing well just now,” said Hillary.

Hillary (40) completed the marathon in five and a quarter hours, and is pleased with that.

It was ten years since she last ran a marathon, and she had only months to train for this one.

“I only got the place at Christmas, so I only had four months to train. But I wanted to complete it,” she said. “I just kept thinking ‘I have to get round’ and that is it.”

Her whole family, including Jennifer, her brother James who is one of Biggar’s Cornets, and brother Michael who is a joiner in the town, were down in London to cheer her on.

Hillary also set herself a target of £3,000, and already has raised over £8000.

“When you come from a small place like Biggar, everyone knows the family,” she said.

“Everyone knows one another and they wanted to support us.”

Hillary owns limehouseltd estate agents and Aroma Coffee House in Biggar, and she was overwhelmed with the number of people who just walked in and left donations.

She said: “It was unbelievable.

“Folk were coming into the shop and just handing cash in.

“I just really wanted to say thank you to everyone.

“Our family are so touched by the generosity shown by our local community.

Hilary is modest about the expected total from her run.

She said: “£8,000 is a drop in the ocean for Cancer Research.

“It is a big charity, but at some point everyone is touched by cancer.”

Donations are still welcome, and can be made in person or on line.

Hillary has a fundraising page on the justgiving website;