BBC Scotland’s referendum final will be from Lanark

Last word...BBC Radio Scotland will host debate in Lanark
Last word...BBC Radio Scotland will host debate in Lanark

WHAT is being billed as the ‘final-final’ word on air about the Scottish Referendum will be spoken in Lanark.

BBC Scotland has chosen the town for staging a ‘post-mortem’ edition of its Referendum series of The Big Debate, the radio broadcast going out live from Greyfriars Church between noon and 1pm on Friday, November 7.

The programme is to be chaired by veteran BBC political reporter Gordon Brewer, presenter of the now defunct Newsnight Scotland programme on BBC2.

This show will go out on BBC Radio Scotland and it is understood the producers chose Lanark as the location as Clydesdale is reckoned to be the most ‘typical’ constituency in the whole country when it comes to how the votes are shared in General Elections.

Indeed, the Clydesdale result in last month’s Referendum was very close to the 55-45 per cent nationwide No result.

The broadcaster has sent out invitations to various local organisations – like Lanark Business Group – to be represented at the debate.

However, it also wants ordinary members of the public in the Lanark area to attend and chip in their views on the referendum and its aftermath.

Those wishing to take part can book online at or call 0141 422 7776.

For more on this, pick up a copy of this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette.