Bank your bra in Biggar to help women

Biggar WomanKind bra bank
Biggar WomanKind bra bank

Local group WomanKind Clydesdale are looking for old bras in any condition for their next project, The Bra Challenge.

For every tonne of bras collected, the charity Against Breast Cancer collects £1000 which goes into the research of cures and treatments for breast cancer.

“After the success of our previous projects, Crayons for Weans and Handbags for Mums, we’re ready to spread our goodwill a bit further afield,’ says Jan Currie, founder member of WomanKind Clydesdale.

“The Bra Project aims to send our old or ill fitting bras to countries in Africa where bras are too expensive to produce locally.

“Wearing a bra in some of these countries means women are treated better, gain respect and are less likely to be raped.

“Wearing a bra is something we take for granted here but means so much elsewhere.

“So bras in good condition will go to Africa and those that aren’t will be converted to rags. It’s this tonnage that raises funds for a charity called Against Breast Cancer, so the benefits of donating are two-fold.

“It’s an amazing project we’re delighted to be supporting.”

The group was set up last year and its first two projects brought a massive response, with colouring books and recycled crayons going into welcoming packs for refugee children. And the Handbags project meant that women struggling to give their own children Christmas, received an unexpected gift themselves.

“The community has really got on board with WomanKind Clydesdale,” said Jan.

Local author Fiona Gibson has donated a drawing to publicise the group’s campaigns, and one of members has made a beautiful bin for people to drop their donated bras into. The Gillespie Centre in Biggar has agreed that the group can collect the bras there.

“It’s such a collective effort,” said Jan.

“It’s inspiring to see ordinary people doing little things that can add up to so much.

“That’s what we’re all about really – ordinary people making a difference just by being kind.’

WomanKind Clydesdale are already looking to the future, with plans in the works for a Back to School Bank for local families.

Bras can be left in a designated bra bank in the office of the Gillespie Centre on Biggar High Street.

More information can be found on the group’s facebook page ‘The Bra Challenge: WomanKind Clydesdale.’ Also find them on twitter @womankindcl and