Are you happy with coalfields clean-up?

Broken Cross
Broken Cross

Friends of the Earth Scotland are calling for guarantees that opencast sites will be restored once the mining ends.

Environment groups fear that the Scottish Government is preparing to let coal companies break promises to restore defunct mines.

Old opencast sites can lie for years before being restored.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: “About the only reassurance given to any community which has to put up with opencast mining is that the site will be restored afterwards.

“It seems these promises are being widely broken and the government may even be working to let the industry off the hook at more sites.

“Instead of trying to prop up an ailing industry, the government needs to be guaranteed that overdue restoration work with get underway and that restoration plans will be fully delivered.”

Clydesdale had a large share of the opencast mines - pictured is the giant Broken Cross - with ambitious plans lodged for the aftermath...but how much of it is actually materialising?

And, if you live in a coalfield community, are you concerned about the future?