Anger over council car park grab in Lanark

Congested car park...Bernard's Wynd
Congested car park...Bernard's Wynd

A WAVE of outrage greeted scarce public car parking spaces in Lanark suddenly being reserved exclusively for council employees.

Without prior warning, as the Gazette went to press last week, council workers moved into the Bernard’s Wynd Car Park to the rear of the High Street to erect signs at 15 parking bays, forbidding their use to anyone but council ‘pool car users’.

After the Gazette passed on angry complaints from the public, the council quickly executed a U-turn and had the signs taken down on Friday.

Among those who lodged immediate protests at the move was Lanark Taxis boss Helen McDonald, who said: “This really is insult to injury.

“These 15 spaces were to be used by council employees who drive into Lanark from their homes elsewhere and can park their own cars in much-needed parking places all day while they use council pool cars for their work.

“The council workers using the spaces also seemed to be exempt from the strict three hour maximum parking time the council has imposed on everyone else.

“It sounds like one rule for themselves and another for the public they are meant to be serving.”

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