Alastair Brooks is glad teen is safe after rescue in Carluke

Alistair Brooks is pleased that the boy is now safe and sound
Alistair Brooks is pleased that the boy is now safe and sound

A MAJOR rescue operation was launched in Carluke early on Wednesday evening when a 14-year-old boy became trapped in the chimney of the Brooks furniture store on Cassells Street.

Police, fire and ambulance teams – and even a mountain rescue squad and a helicopter – raced to the scene to free the boy, who escaped with light injuries.

Rescuing him meant the demolition of much of the chimney stack of the building.

The Gazette understands that the emergency services were first alerted to the boy’s dilemma by friends who had been with him at the time be became trapped.

There are estimates that around seventy emergency personnel were involved in the operation to save him.

Speaking for the family firm, Alastair Brooks told the Gazette: “We are just relieved that the boy was rescued and is now safe. However, I think some questions remain to be asked about what he was doing on our roof and down our chimney at the time.”

He added that the building was still sound and fit for business but there would be an inevitable, as yet uncalculated, cost to the firm.

Because of his age, the boy’s name is not being released by the police; he was released from hospital after a precautionary examination.