A rubbish welcome to Clydesdale!

Eyesores like this greet tourists when entering our scenic Clydesdale
Eyesores like this greet tourists when entering our scenic Clydesdale

A dreadful first impression of our area is being given to visitors thanks to the verges of the main route into Clydesdale being used as an illegal cowp.

The Scottish Government agency maintaining the local stretch of the M74 has agreed with Gazette readers who have expressed disgust at the worn tyres, general rubbish and even whole suites of old sofas and chairs which greet motorists as they enter our tourism-dependent district.

Blackwood reader George Gardner got in touch to complain that stretches like the one between Lesmahagow and Hamilton were now fly-tipping blackspots, stating: “There are huge amounts of dumped rubbish, litter and rubber tyres on hardshoulder area and central crash barrier area as well.

“The M74 is looking like a dump and tip nowadays and it’s a right eyesore.”

Maintenance agency Transerv admitted that the complaints were valid.

In a statement, the agency said: “The volume of litter and fly-tipped debris carelessly discarded on the M74 is extremely disappointing. Scotland TranServ has this week collected 26 bags of litter from the motorway slip roads in this area.

“On four recent occasions we were notified of tyres which had been strategically dumped on a slip road.

“Each time our operatives removed in excess of fifty tyres from this M74 offslip within 24 hours of them being reported,” the said.

“As well as the usual offenders such as takeaway trash, discarded drinks cans and burnt out cigarette butts, there are also larger items including beds, baths and barbecues that have been removed.

“We are supporting Keep Scotland Beautiful’s roadside litter campaign to identify a number of hotspots, including the M74 at Junctions 8 and 9.”