A brighter look for Lanark station

Lanark banners up on the old waiting room at Lanark Station
Lanark banners up on the old waiting room at Lanark Station

Those coming home to Lanark tonight, or leaving it for the morning commute tomorrow, will find the station a much brighter place.

This morning, in its latest project to make Lanark more welcoming for visitors, Lanark Community Development Trust covered the old waiting room across from the platform in Lanark banners.

The original banners were a separate project last year by the Rotary Club, and are already well-loved.

All summer, after Lanimers, they hung from the lamp standards up the centre of the High Street, and the designs - all reflecting the town‘s heritage, were then available on mugs as Christmas presents!

The banners will go back up after Lanimers this year, and now the same designs are brightening up the old waiting room.

In the near future the Trust will have the use of one of the rooms on the main platform, beside the booking office, for an exhibition on transport in Lanark throughout the ages, from the Romans to the present day; but in the meantime the Trust members hope the display on the old waiting room will welcome visitors.

“We are trying to improve Lanark basically, and to get people to see it as a visitor destination,” said Trust chairman Sylvia Russell.

“If we can improve footfall in the town, it is a win-win for everyone.”

The Trust has already covered the boarded up windows at the Royal Oak Hotel outside the station with information boards.