Win copies of Scott Perrie’s book the Wrong Tree

17th July 2012, PIC: Lesmahagow author Scott Perrie with new book "The Wrong Tree".
17th July 2012, PIC: Lesmahagow author Scott Perrie with new book "The Wrong Tree".

THE Gazette has two copies of Scott Perrie’s book, which he has autographed, to give away to lucky readers this week.

With the summer we have been having, the best way of spending the holiday is to curl up with a really good book - and The Wrong Tree is certainly that.

Rich in colourful characters and bursting with humour, it follows a hapless Glasgow journalist and his alcohol-loving, alien-obsessed photographer, sent to record the finds from an archaeological dig at an ancient church on the island of Barnoch.

But sinister forces are at play and have been since the dawn of time, guarding and searching for the separate parts of a rite which will restore the dead.

Men in suits may be interested in the political capital from the finds or the commercial gain; the local Masonic Lodge may be keeping a few secrets of its own; but more terrifying is the secret society which for centuries has been been bouncing through history protecting what it believes is a sacred bloodline and casually killing anyone who knows too much.

And the events all comes to a tragic head just as the island prepares for its annual drunken Highland Games.

For your chance to win one of the books, answer the following question:

What is the name of the island where the action takes place?

Send your answer on the form below to Book Competition, the Gazette, 3 High Street, Carluke, ML8 4AL, or 5 Wellgate, Lanark, ML11 9DS, by 5pm on Wednesday, August 1.