Staff at Cartland Bridge Hotel are TV stars

Cartland Bridge Hotel'Lanark'24/8/12
Cartland Bridge Hotel'Lanark'24/8/12

ENTERING The X Factor ISN’T the only way of getting your face recognised by millions of telly viewers throughout Britain.

Instead, you can just get a job at Lanark’s Cartland Bridge Hotel!

Over the past few weeks, two until-now unsung members of staff, 47-year-old sous chef John Fleming and 22-year-old bar and restaurant waiter Scott Morrison, have been the stars of an advert on one of the nation’s favourite TV channels, Dave, ‘selling’ their workplace.

The umbrella group handling marketing for the Cartland Bridge and many other hotels, Best Western, have a sponsorship deal with the channel and so John and Scott’s faces can be seen several times a night in between shows.

The ad features Scott doing most of the talking, mainly about the Cartland’s history and architecture.

So, surely, he was chosen for the role because of previous acting experience?

“Er, actually, the last time I had any lines to say, it was during the Christmas Nativity play at my primary school. They just asked me if I fancied doing it and I just said I’d give it a go,” reveals the young Lanarkian from Waterloo Road who, despite his youth, has already clocked up seven years’ service at the Cartland.

But his ‘co-star’ John, who only has to say the single word “Yes” as a punchline to the advert, HAS had previous television experience.

The Ayrshire man currently living in Newmains told the Gazette: “I used to do a wee cookery programme for the local Lanarkshire TV station which was quite a laugh but this is my first time on national television.”

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