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The old Lanimer cups being offered as prizes.
The old Lanimer cups being offered as prizes.

Two historic Lanimer cups have been revived for the Lanark Trail Festival taking place next month.

On Sunday August 6 the Lanark Lanimer Committee and South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture will join forces to revive a long standing tradition of the town.

The Glasgow Lanimer Cup and the Edinburgh Lanimer Cup were both gifted to the town as prizes in the 800m (880yd) and 400m (440yd) foot races back in 1890/1889 respectively.

Traditionally the races were held at Lanark Racecourse on the afternoon of Lanimer Day, and presentation of the trophies was revived for one year in 2011 as part of the newly introduced Lowland Games.

This year the historic cups will be awarded to the fastest male and female 10k runners at SLLC’s Lanark Trail Festival in August, an event now in its third year.

“Having these prestigious trophies as part of our event will be fantastic for all the runners taking part.

"It will also be wonderful to see the cups back onto the town’s sporting calendar as they were originally intended over 100 years ago.” said ex Lord Cornet David Strachan.

The Festival is not just for the serious 10k runner – like previous years there will also be a 5k family run and an off-road junior duathlon.

In addition to these core events, SLLC will also be adding new junior races, with the addition of the new Junior Lanimer Cups. Children up to 12 years of age will be invited to take part in the free events (50m, 100m, 200m, 400m & 800m), with the fastest boy and girl in the 800m being awarded the new trophies.

As well as the running events, there will be sports taster sessions from local clubs, bouncy castles, mini trampolines, face painting, catering and lots of cheering on to do ... a fun filled morning even if you don’t intend to run.

Full information on the Festival can be found on (Leisure Centres/Lanark Lifestyles). Information will also be available on the Lanark Lanimers website ( and the Lanark Lanimer Celebrations and Lanark Lord Cornets Club Facebook pages.

All entries for the 10k, 5k and Junior Duathlon events can be made at (closing date for entries is Thursday August 3).

Children wishing to register for the Junior Lanimer Cup races should contact Lanark Lifestyles on 01555 666800.