Shining a new light on New Lanark lives

Shining Lives, New Lanark.
Shining Lives, New Lanark.

The historic old walls of New Lanark will soon be converted into temporary cinema screens as 21st century technology is used to tell the story of the village from the 18th century to date.

The New Lanark Trust, as part of its programme to mark the nation’s year of history, heritage and archaeology, is planning to project images onto the outside of the old mills and tenements depicting the events and people which played a part in making it the world heritage site it is today.

Explained a trust spokeswoman: “We are delighted to present ‘Shining Lives’, a spectacular sound and light projection event in the village in October.

“With the stunning 230-year-old buildings acting as the display surface, historic images and video footage from New Lanark and the surrounding area will be brought to life on a grand scale, augmented by a soundtrack, lighting and living history which echo the life of the mills and the workers.

“Through this innovative event, the tangible and intangible heritage of New Lanark will be combined to capture imaginations and provide a unique interpretation of this famous site.”

The ‘Shining Lives’ showings will be on Friday, October 20, and Saturday, October 21, with exact timings to be announced nearer the time.

The images on thescreens will be accompanied by a recorded narration which will include information on the development of the historic village and the recollections of some of those who worked and lived there.

The shows will be free but to be a spectator, pre-registration with the trust will be required.

Registration can be done by going online and logging on to