See the world - in Lego, in New Lanark!

Royal wedding - in Lego
Royal wedding - in Lego

Have you ever fancied seeing the Macy’s Parade in New York or the Trevi Fountain in Rome?

Or would you prefer a front row seat at a Royal wedding or the Rio Carnival?

Macy's parade in New York

Macy's parade in New York

Your dreams could come true at New Lanark this summer.

For the world heritage site has secured the iconic Brick City exhibition, which lets people see the world – and some of its major events – in Lego bricks! Recreated solely using Lego, Brick City is a celebration of some of the world’s favourite buildings and urban icons.

Already enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors across the UK, now fans of Lego – young and old – will have the chance, to catch this amazing exhibition at New Lanark.

Evelyn Whitelaw, the World Heritage Site’s events and exhibitions officer, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Brick City exhibition to New Lanark and to be able to share it with the community.



“It’s a great opportunity for people to view these awesome structures, to join in the fun and build their own Lego brick creations!”

Comprising an estimated 500,000 Lego bricks, Brick City features models of famous landmarks including St Pancras Station, the London 2012 Olympic Park and the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

To many, Lego bricks are just a toy but to Warren Elsmore they provide a challenging and enjoyable modelling medium.

Warren, an author and Lego bricks artist, said: “Brick City features landmarks built of Lego bricks from all over the world, including ten World Heritage Sites. However, this will be the first real-life World Heritage Site it has visited.”

It’s easy to imagine that New Lanark villagers of days gone by would have enjoyed a visit from the fascinating and educational exhibition. For mill manager Robert Owen introduced a series of social and educational reforms designed to improve the quality of life for his workforce. These included phasing out the use of child labour and establishing progressive schools, including the world's first nursery school.

Robert Owen also encouraged children to enjoy active play in the village’s natural surroundings and in 1816 opened the Institute for the Formation of Character which became the cultural heart of the village hosting a number of social activities including dances, sporting competitions and musical concerts.

2017 marks the Visit Scotland Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, making it the perfect time for visitors to enjoy a trip to New Lanark to see Brick City. The exhibition runs from June 28 until August 9. For further information about Brick City and to book tickets visit