Record breakers on course for sixth title

Playing on...Kirkton Players
Playing on...Kirkton Players

Kirkton Players set for Scottish Championship

The prize for the Players is a trip to the Wilde Theatre in London to compete for the British title which the group has won a record five times.

However, first they must finance a trip to Orkney to take part in the Scottish Community Drama finals, which take place from April 23 to 25, costing a whopping £6,000.

Gerry Burns, from Kirkton Players, said: “We need to raise some serious cash over the next few weeks. We held a bingo evening which managed to raise £1,000 and we have managed to get a loan to cover some of the cost.

“However, we have been relying on donations as well. We were very touched to receive £300 from two pensioners which was incredibly generous of them.

“Obviously this is a hobby for the people taking part but it is something that we love doing.

“We will be one of eight teams going up to Orkney and we will be performing in Kirkwall to over 300 people.”

The Players will be performing three hander Trio of a Lifetime for the judges.

The comedy tells the story of recently divorced Barry who goes on an around the world trip with his parents.