Playing for their supper in New Lanark concert

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These young musicians will be playing for their supper - literally - at The Institute, New Lanark on Tuesday August 1 at 7.45pm.

The Ricciotti Ensemble from The Netherlands began as a street symphony orchestra and their concerts rarely take place in concert halls, but on the streets, in homes and prisons or other places where people hardly ever come into contact with music.

They will play for their supper to help sustain their tour of Scotland.

The Ensemble were booked in for a night at the New Lanark Hostel, affordable accommodation for large numbers, and the organiser, Jude Walsh from West Linton rang me and asked if we would like them to put on a concert,” said Jamie Hill of Music in Lanark.

“All they would ask in return was their supper!

“We require 100 people paying £5 to cover their food bill.

“It should be a great night with classical favourites, film music, jazz and folk - something for everyone!”

Come along on the night and pay at the door.