Pianist Ethan makes welcome return to New Lanark this Sunday

Ethan with his younger sister Hannah.
Ethan with his younger sister Hannah.

Ethan Loch, a young pianist from Falkirk building up an international reputation despite having been blind since birth, is returning to New Lanark to give an afternoon recital for Music in Lanark this Sunday, August 13.

Ethan gave his first solo recital there two years ago.

“If Music in Lanark had a mascot, it would be Ethan, and it is fascinating to watch his progress and the development of an exceptional talent not only for his technical playing but also for for an emotional maturity and passionate composing skill,” said Jamie Hill.

Ethan was born in 2004 and diagnosed completely blind.

As a toddler he would explore the piano for hours, imitating his first inspiration, Rowlf the piano-playing dog from the Muppet Show.

His second inspiration, the DVD Horowitz in Vienna he played repeatedly.

His piano lessons began at the age of four with his mother Larinda, a piano teacher, but now he is taken to Manchester to study with Simon Bottomley. He has been composing since early childhood.

His first major concert was at a Music in Lanark event, when he also debuted his first major composition, Wallace at Lanark, inspired by Scottish hero William Wallace.

Ethan was the focus of a BBC radio documentary called Batman and Ethan looking at the work of a teacher of the blind, Daniel Kish.

Ethan flies to Poland and Belgium shortly for his first international piano competitions, but you can catch him at New Lanark Institute on Sunday at 4pm. Entry is free, but donations can be given to World Access for the Blind.