Paranormal night to investigate hotel’s ghostly goings-on

Spooky goings on at Tinto House Hotel
Spooky goings on at Tinto House Hotel

Tinto Hotel, near Biggar, is teaming up with paranormal sleuths from Lanarkshire Paranormal to host an exciting night of spiritual investigations later this month.

The event will see the Lanarkshire Paranormal team explore the century-old hotel using high-tech equipment to find the veracity behind reported detections, sightings and reports of supernatural activity.

Brian Robinson, hotel managing director, said: “This is an exciting event happening in our hotel that we are very much looking forward to.

“There have been many guests who have said they have felt and seen things in the hotel so it’ll be interesting to see what the investigation finds.”

A non-profit organisation, the members of Lanarkshire Paranormal describes themselves as being “at the forefront of paranormal investigations” and that they are a “dedicated team of paranormal researches”.

The paranormal night will be held at the hotel on September 29 and will cost £30 per person.

The hotel is also offering a special discount on rooms, for those daring enough to spend the night.

The evening is shaping up to be a thrilling experience and the top of any ghost-hunters go to destination.

Further information about tickets is available online at

Anyone who is brave enough to book a room for the night should let the Lanarkshire Paranormal team know as soon as possible.