New historical tour tells real story of William Wallace

Aerial view...of old Lanark
Aerial view...of old Lanark

WHILE it was a hit all around the world, the film Braveheart was a bit of a ‘flop’ in, of all places, Lanark!

Almost unbeliveably, next year sees the twentieth anniversary of Mel Gibson’s epic which, at the time of its release, was hailed as great entertainment – albeit pretty dodgy when it came to the true story of William Wallace.

Instead of being, as expected, set almost entirely in Lanark, the town got a single mention in the epic!

Now, in a bid to ‘recapture’ The Braveheart, a Wallace Tour is being organised with the help of Lanark Archaeology Society, its leading light Ed Archer outlining what that trip through the Royal Burgh’s history will consist of.

Of course, the site of the old Lanark castle will be at the heart of the tour.