New Grazing Group set for Lanarkshire

Host...Thankerton farmer Leslie Small will host inaugural meeting ('submitted pic)
Host...Thankerton farmer Leslie Small will host inaugural meeting ('submitted pic)

WITH the launch of a new Grazing Group in Lanarkshire, farmers have a great opportunity to get involved in a project to help improve profitability through improved grassland management.

Many farming businesses are facing significant cuts in support and need to consider opportunities to improve efficiency.

Grassland is a major asset to all beef and sheep producers. Better grass utilisation will impact positively on the bottom line.

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is setting up six Grazing Groups across Scotland, one of which will be hosted by Leslie Sloan at Meadowflatt Farm, Thankerton.

Leslie farms 460 acres, consisting of 295 acres of grass, 60 acres of hill and 105 acres of barley. On the farm there is a herd of 90 suckler cows split between spring and autumn calving, with all offspring finished there.

He farms in partnership with parents, Hugh and Nancy, having purchased the unit in 2012 from his sister Irene and her husband William, who moved to an arable farm in the north east.

Increasing liveweight production per hectare through better grassland management will be the focus of the inaugural meeting of the Grazing Group.

Main speaker will be world-renowned New Zealand consultant Trevor Cook. The meeting, at Meadowflatt, is on February 3 from 10am-3pm with lunch provided. To attend, contact Kirsty at QMS on 0131 472 4040 or